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Best Practices For Studying Spanish At Home

Since there will not be a LOFOTEN tutor present during the home study part of your course it will become very important that you check your answers at all times in the apendix sections of the books.

The grammar sections have been made as simple as possible to follow and many examples are provided to guide you however be sure to always complete the spoken audio drills and repeat them until you can pass each one with a 100% perfect score.

It's best to devote 1 hour a day to the audio drills as they will have the greatest impact upon your fluency and confidence when speaking Spanish.

Other activities are for listening and comprehension however it's a fact that expressing your own thoughts in the language is by far the most challenging part and once you can do this you'll find that understanding Spanish when it's spoken to you becomes much easier.

We encourage you to work in pairs so do please try to find a study partner. Not only can you test and help each other but also provide encouragement for one another. Sometimes you'll find that your motivation will dip so it's important to have someone there to encourage you on.

Learning to speak Spanish, or any foreign language for that matter, is not easy and requires a lot of work and disclipine. We are here to help you so use the resources and support available.

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