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Spanish Pronunciation & Practice

I'm sure that we've all heard foreign speakers pronounce English badly or with a strong accent. While there is nothing wrong with this (it can actually be quite charming) you should strive to achieve as realistic an accent as you can for your target language.

This means paying particular attention to detail in how the various combinations of letters are pronounced in Spanish and also listening to a lot of native speakers. If you can hear this live rather than on an audio recording then the experience is even richer and more helpful.

On the whole we do not recommend that you become stiffled by trying to memorize pronunciation charts. It's much better to learn to pronounce Spanish by actually using it with real words and sentences.

Spanish Is Very Considerate!

Luckily in Spanish, where the accents fall on each word are clearly indicated. This makes it very easy to study and learn new words on your own since you'll always be sure of where to place the stress in the pronunciation of a particular word.

In contrast we could take the example of Italian which does not generally indicate where the stress of a word should be placed. In that case you are left to guess where it most likely should be or to actually hear the word being spoken by a native Italian speaker.

This is why Spanish is very considerate... it does that work for you!

Different Spanish Speaking Countries

As Spanish spread throughout the world the language was combined and integrated with existing dialects from Latin America. This helped to form not only new words in Spanish but also to create a wide variety of accents in terms of how the local people would speak.

Perhaps the most striking example of this would be to compare how someone from Madrid would pronounce Spanish when compared to someone from Mexico City.

Where you would like your focus to lie in this regard depends upon many factors but mostly it should be decided by where you intend to use your Spanish in the future.

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